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  • Image of Single Studios Print
  • Image of Single Studios Print
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The S1 Studios Print Portfolio presents limited edition artworks created by seventeen contemporary fine artists based at S1 Artspace in Sheffield.

Alison J Carr| James Clarkson | Jamie Crewe | Joseph Cutts | Natalie Finnemore | Jerome Harrington | Vicky Hayward | Jim Howieson | Hannah Knights | George Law | Peter Martin | David McLeavy | Lindsey Mendick | Charlotte A. Morgan | Emily Musgrave | Lucy Vann | Roanna Wells

The first project of its kind to be collectively developed by artists at S1 Studios, the print portfolio is intended to offer a greater insight into the individual practices of this active group of Sheffield-based contemporary artists, to increase visibility of the artists working at S1 Artspace today, and to raise funds in support of S1 Studios.

With artists spanning a broad spectrum of disciplines including sculpture, installation, assemblage, painting, woodwork, film and text; this portfolio brings together a diverse range of print methodologies including screen-printing, litho, risograph and giclée print. The result is seventeen highly distinctive and unique artworks by artists who rarely work on a 2D plane representing the hybrid activity at S1 Artspace today.

The available prints (from top to bottom, left to right) are:

1. Print by Peter Martin, Print by Vicky Hayward, Print by Lindsey Mendick, Print by Jim Howieson
2. Print by Hannah Knights, Print by Charlotte A. Morgan, Eye of the Misty Moon by George Law, Print by David McLeavy, Untitled by Natalie Finnemore,
3. Saltpeter takes Verdigris by Jamie Crewe, Obama by Roanna Wells, Print 2 by Alison J Carr, Experimental1xy by Emily Musgrave
4. Print by Lucy Vann, Print by James Clarkson, Print by Joseph Cutts, Two ideas, spoken at once by Jerome Harrington.

The production of screen prints has been generously supported by Rupert Wood, APG Works, Sheffield.

Please note that shipping is available for unframed works only. Framed works must be collected from S1 Artspace. Shipping within the UK is £20 and to the rest of Europe is £25, more shipping quotes are available upon request.

For further information send an email to info@s1artspace.org